Charger only active during the day

Good Morning

i am in australia and have just had my charger installed an it works will but is only available between 5.30am and 5.30pm. i beleive this would be a setting but have not been able to find how to change it.

any help appricieated


What are the messages when you try to use TeltoCharge after 5:30pm?
On the applications main screen, there should be a reason why it’s not charging


This is what happens every night. I have checked schedule and nothing is saying to not allow charging and the charger is not connected to any smart meter or WiFi.

Hello, Brenton,

please try the following sequence:

*Go to your mobile phone bluetooth settings, find TeltoCharge device and press “forget device”.
*Reboot your TeltoCharge.
*In first 5 minutes after rebooting device, do pairing again with last 6 digits of your security code.

after doing pairing from beginning, it should resolve your issue.

Best regards,