Changing IO element priority by SMS/GPRS

Hello forum. I need to change the priority of an IO element on a number of devices which are deployed and very far from me. FMB920’s and FMC125’s. Is there a way to do this through SMS/GPRS commands? I don’t see anything about this in the Wikihows.

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You can find the id of parameters here:

lets say you want to change priority on ignition. Ignition id is 50000, parameters are changed using setparam command.
To change priority value you can send numbers along with the id:
0 - None
1 - Low
2 - High
3 - Panic

so to set ignition element on High priority you can send a message like this:
login password setparam 50000:2

if you don’t have login and password set just put two spaces before the command

You can also find more information about SMS/GPRS commands in here (including setparam):

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