Can't connect my GH5200

Hi there,

I’m struggling to connect my GH5200 to my computer.
I followed the step on the wiki, turned on the GH5200 and installed the latest usb drivers but nothing happen when I connect the device to my computer. I also tried doing it by bluetooth too but it connect for a few miliseconds and got disconected right away. And the configurator seems to show no device connected.

Any idea ?

Thanks !

Hi @Sim,

Good day! Were you able to connect the Internal Battery of the GH5200 as per the procedure below?

Normally, you should Turn on your device by holding the power button for around 7 seconds then connect device to computer using Micro-USB cable. However, if you did not install the Teltonika USB Driver the device would not be recognized at all - suggesting you to open the Port Manager of your PC to confirm that the device is properly recognized by your PC, otherwise try to reinstall the Driver.

For more information you may refer on this Wiki Link: GH5200 First Start - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS

I hope this helps.

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