Can I just use Teltonika tools to track a small # of vehicles

I’m considering purchasing a small quantity of 4G FMC130s to track <10 vehicles.

Are there sufficient Teltonika tools, i.e. without third party software & their subscription costs, to be able to track our vehicles? e.g. being able to send a Google Maps link with Lat/Long by say text?

Searching the Teltonika website this hasn’t been clear to me.

We have moderate technical skills in-house.

Thank you in anticipation for your responses.

On further searching I found Ruhavik which looks to do what I want at a reasonable price.

Are others here using this app / website?


Hi Deva,

You can create a trial account in Flespi for a third party app
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or send ggps sms command

FMB ggps - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (

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I have a RUTX50 and with GPS enabled i can send a text message to the router, and it replies by text with lat long, speed info and a google map link to click or tap on.

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Many thanks for your replies. I like your setup @akwe-xavante and will give that a try too. I ordered an FMC130 yesterday to experiment with.

Thanks again,