Can FMB140 work with ALL_CAN300 adapter?

Can FMB140 work with an ALL-CAN300 adapter?

And if yes what would RX TX connection from Allcan be to the FMB140?


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here is the wiki link FMB140 CAN adapters - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS

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The FMB 140 already has an internal CAN adaptor, supporting ALLCAN 300 or LV CAN 200.

For more information, here is the Wiki page link for the FMB140:

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Hello, Thank you for the reply, My question then is which wire color connects from the fmb140 to the all can300, Must CAN H connect to TX or RX, I cannot find this info.

No need to connect to a CAN adapter because there is already an internal CAN; you can connect directly to the vehicle.

For example, as you can see in the screenshot.:
CAN connectio

Hello, The question is if i have an FMB140 and also and ALLCAN300, Can i connect an FMB140 to an ALLCAN300, and what would the connections be if yes?

The FMB140 has two CAN lines, CAN 1 and CAN 2. For example, if you encounter a vehicle with two CAN connections, you can connect the FMB140’s CAN H and CAN L lines to either line 1 or line 2. However, some vehicles may require both CAN lines, while others may only need one. If you already have an additional CAN adapter (such as the ALL CAN 300 or LV CAN 200), there is no need to use it alongside the FMB140.

I have an FMB140, with lvcan200 on it, I also have an allcan300 adapter separately, can I test the FMB140 on the allcan 300 without needing to upgrade the internal adapter to allcan300, and if yes what would the connection be?

If you have a separate CAN adapter, I recommend using Teltonika devices such as the FMC130 with the ALL CAN 300. However, please note that the FMB140 cannot be integrated with an additional CAN adapter because it already has an internal CAN.

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