Best fmb640 settings


I would like to ask, can you help me by providing recommendations for the FMB640 settings for GPS-based speed specifications (not from the CAN bus)? Please give me recommendations for the settings in the system.

Hello @maulnrzky,

Good day! I believe you are asking about the Speed Source Settings on the Configuration, you have 4 Options to declare what technology will be used for vehicle speed measurement.

  • GPS
  • FMS

In this case, I suggest you to use the Default setting GPS as speed source given that you are not using any external CAN Adapter (LVCAN200/ALLCAN300) or connected to the KLine/FMS of the vehicle.

For more information about the FMB640 System settings, you may refer on this link: FMB640 System Settings.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,