Beginner device Q

Am considering new trackers for a fleet of motorcycles.
The existing devices use 3g which is being deprecated later this year.

I run a traccar server, which I believe is compatible with Teltonika devices - and we use it for simple data logging on race tracks.

The basic characteristics I’m looking for are:

2 wire connection.
Low power mode when bikes have been stationary for a period of time.
Sms sent when bikes initially moved, but no further sms until exiting low power mode again.
Configurable frequency of data upload.
Works over 4g.

Can you recommend any devices?


Good day,

We have FMB965 but only 2G: Motorcycle Tracking, Protection, And Safety (

But you may consider FMC920 + IP67 casing.

Kindly coordinate with your local sales manager from your region for more information.

Best Regards
Maynard C .

Many thanks. I have purchased a test FMC920 and am now configuring it.

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