AVL Record ID 250 is missing

Hello. I am having multiple teltonika devices like FMB140, FMC125, FMM130, FMM13A i am currently working on journey replay. I am taking two ID’s for journey replay one is ID 239 and the other is 250. But sometime when i check the AVL record where i found the ID 250 is missing, sometime i got this ID in avl record and sometime not. Due to this ID missing i am not able to properly create the journey replay. what should i need to do in configuration so i can get this ID 250 every time in AVL record whether it is 1 or 0.

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By AVL ID 250 you are monitoring Trip scenario status, if you want to include this scenario value in each record, please select “Disable” on “Eventual Records”

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Gustas Daugirda