App/firmware issues

Hello, me and 3 more TeltoCharge owners I know have been having some issues since we started using the EV chargers. We waited a few months for software update fixes but the bugs are still there. Have the firmware 1.8.11 and using the iOS app.

The remaining bugs:

  1. The TeltoCharge time keeps falling behind about 10 minutes a day and “Automatic Time” option doesn’t stay on and keeps turning off. When I turn it on from the app, exit the settings menu and go back, it is back off. And yes the ev charger is connected to my home wifi.

  2. Since the firmware 1.8, the orange “warning” doesn’t disappear on the app main screen. The warnings screen doesn’t show any warnings.

  3. We didn’t receive “charging finished” notifications even though it was on in the settings until we tried turning on “authorization needed” notification setting. Now we get the “charging finished” notifications but I think there is a bug there also. “Authorization needed” notification settings shouldn’t have anything to do with “charging finished”.


It’s great to hear that you’re addressing the malfunctions very clearly
We will do our best to solve the problem with next FW