Accessing FMC125 with mobile app through BT

Hello forum,

Am I right when I say that Teltonika has no mobile apps to connect to newer tracking devices through bluetooth to configure units, apart from the old FMBT app which doesn’t detect newer devices?

Is the only way to configure really only though connecting a device to a Windows PC or through FOTA?


Yes, you are correct, as of now FMBT app is EOL which means there is no support for this app, the only way to configure it is via configurator ( PC), sending SMS command and FOTAWEB.

Maynard C.

Just out of curiosity Maynard, what would be the reason there is no up to date mobile app to configure your units? Most of your competitors have this and it makes life really easy to program those units out in the field without the need to lug a windows pc along.

Hi heinburgh,

Thank you for your feedback, as of now there is no plan for TCT mobile platform, let’s see maybe in the future our team will implement it.

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Maynard C.

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