A few questions about FMC125 decoding

I have a few questions

When our TCP server reads data from FMC125 device AVL property 11317 is always set to 01.
Is this possible or is it a decoding error. We усе 8E extended protocol.

I need to write a parser for AVL ID 11317 . I use this page for reference:


Look at the section

“Parsing AVL ID 11317”

Where can I find a complete list of Parameter IDs for the AVL 11317 and their meaning.

For example:
Parameter ID 06 (Eye Sensor #1 temperature)

Hi @iton,

Good day! The 01 value that you are receiving from AVL ID 11317 is constant, so if there is no Eye Sensor data that the device can read it would only show the 01 value.

Moreover, a complete list of Parameters that you can receive from AVL ID 11317 can be found on this link: EYE SENSOR / BTSMP1 - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,

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