1wire RFID Card value

hello. I am using teltonika 1 wire RFID reader with RFID card. when i scan the card i got this value in iButton 0x0177BF3C0001009E so i write this value in Authorization ID list like this 9E0001003CBF7701. after scanning the RFID card i got this value in my data base 1.385138737938822e-301 under ID_78 when i expand this value, i got these values (see the attached picture marked in red box) . Can you tell me what is wrong here. The expanded value and the IButton value is not completely same

I am using Codec8 and also Codec8E for parsing data

What value should i assume when i scan this 0x0177BF3C0001009E RFID card so what value i get in my Data Base ?
when i am using the above codec format. Any suggestion ?

Hello Usman,

Good day! Authorization ID List are used to authenticate driver RFID/iButton codes in such a way that not all IDs will be recognized by the device. You may refer on this link for more information: FMB120 1-Wire - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS

I believe that the value received on your Database is due to misalignment of the Parser and the Configured Data Protocol on the device configuration. Suggesting you to use Codec 8E for the device configuration and data parser then check again if the correct value will be acquired.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,
Patrick S.

I had Use Both Codec 8 and Codec 8E protocol but getting the same value in id_78
Other AVL id decode properly

Hello Usman,

Kindly select Codec 8E Protocol on the device and share here the Raw Data that you have received on your server so I can verify.

Hello. I had attached the raw data image and also the configuration image for Codec 8E selection

Below is the Raw data which i received at the server side


Image of the Raw data at server side

let me know what is wrong here

Hello Usman,

Unfortunately, I could not check on the data shared as it has already been parsed from your server end.

It would be helpful if you can share RAW Data from the device that looks likes this:

000000000000004A8E010000016B412CEE000100000000000000000000000000000000010005000100010100010011001D00010010015E2C880002000B000000003544C87 A000E000000001DD7E06A00000100002994

For more information you may refer on the Teltonika Codec Protocol: Codec - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS

Where i get this RAW data at the server before parsing ?

Hello Usman,

Can you try to use the TCP Listener as mentioned on the link below:

TCP/UDP Listener: Universal Device Test Guide - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS

Here you will see the Raw Data coming from the device.

Hello. I got this Raw data as mentioned below. I did something at my server to get the RAW data. Have a look


can you let me where i got the RFID value in this Raw Data

Device IMEI : 864636061657074
RFID Value: 0x0177BF3C0001009E (when i check in IButton list)

Hello Usman,

That’s a great news. Based from the raw data provided you the RFID value was received correctly.


I suggest you to check your data parsing as there might be some miscodes on how data was parsed. Kindly follow the Teltonika Codec Protocol: Codec - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS

I did not know why this issue arises. Other data parse perfectly but for AVL id 78 has an issue

Hello Usman,

I recommend you to try to check your code if you are doing some conversion for Data on AVL ID 78.

Otherwise, you can try to use the Teltonika AVL Data Parser source code that is available on this link: Universal Device Test Guide - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS

I hope this helps.

Can you confirm me at which codec the RFID works properly ? At Codec 8 / Codec 8E or Codec 12 ?

Thanks a lot for your support

Hello Usman,

Thank you for your feedback! I would recommend you to use Codec 8E so you won’t have any issue on receiving data when the byte is big.

Also, Codec 8 / 8E is the protocol used by the device for sending data to server. While Codec 12 is the protocol used if you want to communicate through server to the device.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,
Patrick S.

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