1 Wire RFID wiring


I had an issue with 1-wire RFID.

I am using FMC130 with 1-wire and buzzer. i had connect the buzzer (positive terminal) with 12v and buzzer (ground terminal) with FMC130 Dout 1 . After this when i start the ignition so the buzzer gets spark and it becomes hot.

Is anything wrong with the wiring which i did?

provide me the wiring diagram for this.

I am waiting for your response

Hello Usman,

Good day, your connection is correct.

Please check what is your buzzer voltage capacity, maybe your voltage specification is only 5 V.

Maynard C

Can I use 1-wire power wire from FMC 130 device to connect with buzzer (positive terminal) and buzzer (negative terminal) with DOUT1

Hi Usman,

Good day, Yes if the needed supply for the buzzer is 5V ( from the buzzer specification ) then you can use the 1wire power.

Maynard C.

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