Zerotier unable to connect to devices on RUT360 LAN


I have the following set up:

2x RUT360 router running firmware version RUT36X_R_00.07.04.5
Both have Zerotier package version 10.1.1-1 installed.
WAN connectivity is through ISP mobile SIM card.
Router WAN is being allocated an IPv4 address.
Router one is ###.###.10.1 for its LAN
Router two is ###.###.20.1 for its LAN

Under services ZeroTier shows disables, but the VPN instance is enabled and it is online when queried through the CLI.

I am trying to set up a small zerotier network and cannot connect to devices connected to LAN.

ZeroTier central is showing all routers connected and updating about every 1 minute.

I can ping from one router to the other using their LAN IP address (and vice versa).

But when I try and ping a device on the either routers LAN interface, it times out.

I tried following the ZeroTier configuration guide but my interface does not show bridge mode as an option.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

This is the view I get when creating zerotier instance

I do not have bridge mode available.

I have also set up managed routes for both RUT360 units in zerotier central.


There should be no need to configure SNAT or any other firewall rules. If you add a route to the LAN networks it should be reachable.

You have a couple of subnets with .20.0/24. Could you please clarify if those networks are identical? Make sure that they are on different networks.

Also, can you share an output of the ‘route -n’ command from your router and your PC? (‘route print -4’ on Windows)

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