WLAN in RUT240: Possible to switch of in the night?

Hi to the Forum

A customer from me wants to disable WLAN in the night.

I searcherd in the configuration, but found nothing like this.
Have i searched on a wrong section or is this generally not possible?

Thanks for the answer


For this one, you can utilize the ubus commands and crontabs.

So let’s say, you want to turn off your WLAN at 9pm then turn it back on at 6am. To do this:

  • Open CLI of RUT240
  • Run crontab -e, Press I to start editing.
  • Paste the following commands:

0 21 * * * ubus call network.wireless down ‘{“device”:“radio0”}’
0 6 * * * ubus call network.wireless up ‘{“device”:“radio0”}’

It should look similar to this:

  • Then press Esc and input :x to save configuration.

After successfully adding the crontab, your WLAN will be turned off at 9pm then it will go back up at 6am. You can change the timings based on your liking. Note that the timings in crontab is in 24-hour format.

Hope this helps!

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