Wireguard Problem

Good morning everyone,
On a network that we manage, within which there are six teltonika routers, we have decided to abandon OpenVPN (for problems of various kinds) and activate Wireguard.
We have three “old generation” teltonika routers, which do not allow you to update the firmware to new versions, and on these devices the Wireguard VPN does not want to work in any way. Indeed, by executing the wg command from the cli, the router replies with a blank page, as if it had not even created the relative wireguard interface.
What can I do? The other three teltonika routers, with the new firmware, work perfectly


Could you clarify what firmware version is being used on the older devices?
If they accept it, please install the latest legacy firmware: RUT9XX_R_00.06.09.5_WEBUI.bin
However, it seems like you are having configuration-related issues. You could try simply resetting the router and check if that helps.

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