WireGuard not acces to LAN

Hello, I have configured WireGuard on my TRB140 and I want to connect it with my pc. PC connects to WireGuard and have handshake but I can’t reach devices in LAN, with WAN everything works, I can reach TRB140 WEBUI, SSH with WireGuard but LAN is not reachable.

TRB140 IP:

WireGuard setup:
interface: Wire_VPN
public key: jVWvON=
private key: (hidden)
listening port: 51820

peer: 5nojnCc=
preshared key: (hidden)
endpoint: xx.xx.xx.xx:52214
allowed ips:,
latest handshake: 43 seconds ago
transfer: 103.46 KiB received, 289.40 KiB sent

Peer connects with IP address

FireWall settings

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