WireGuard, DDNS and reboot connection

Hello. I have configurrd a Wireguard VPN with RUT956. At this moment only 2 elements. I have already installed a DDNS package to get a name instead a IP number. It seems to work properly but when one of the IPs changes, Wireguard is not able to reconnect again on its own, even when DDNS works and a set the new IP ( they are public but dynamic ). If I reboot both devices they establish the VPN tunnel again, ¿ How could I reboot devices each time its public IP changes and no to have to do it manually? ¿ Or is there any way Wireguard awares when its Wan IP ( Mobile 4G ) has changed and then force a reconnection? Thanks


/usr/bin/wireguard_watchdog is your friend. Put the the call to the script in your crontab file, as explained in the source.