Will the unmanaged TSW switches preserve VLAN tags?

I see that Teltonika uses unmanaged TSW switches in network topology examples which involves VLANs.

However, what an unmanaged switch that doesn’t understand VLAN tags will do with frames which have VLAN tags is usually undefined.

Will an unmanaged TSW switch preserve the VLAN tags on traffic?


Layer 2 unmanaged switches simply forward the traffic based on the MAC address. Unmanaged switches, unlike routers, do not rewrite any part of the packet, thus tagged VLAN frames will remained untouched.
It should also be noted, that we recently released our first managed switches - TSW202 (PoE) and TSW212 (non-PoE). They support VLANs, loop detection and prevention protocols like STP, RSTP and loopback detection, as well as industrial protocols like Profinet, MRP. It also includes static routing capabilities.
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Great, thank you very much @Daumantas.

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