WiFi WAN Configuration - no internet available

Hello, I have created a WiFi WAN network exactly like described in the wiki (WiFi WAN example - Teltonika Networks Wiki), The RUT240 should use as a client an existing WLAN from my AP (FritzBox). The configuration seems to work - the status of the network interface and my AP have both status UP. But when I want to connect my laptop via LAN to the internet, it don’t work.
If I use a FritzBox as client instead of the RUT240 I have no problems.
Have you any idea what could be the problem? Thank you. Andreas


I’ll ask you to navigate to Network → Interfaces → General, and check if the WiFi STA interface has received an IP address from the Fritzbox. If It has, press the pencil icon on the aforementioned interface, and under advanced options, add two DNS servers - and
Additionally, please make sure that RUT240 and the Fritzbox device does not share the same subnet. This can be checked by comparing the IP addresses on LAN and WiFi STA interface - the default LAN subnet for RUT240 is If it matches the one on Fritzbox, try changing it to
Finally, if neither of these options help, please replicate the issue, then navigate to System → Administration → Troubleshoot and open the System Log viewer. Copy the logs from the last few minutes and paste them in the next comment. Make sure to blur out any sensitive information like MAC or public IP addresses!

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Thank you for the very fast response. In fact it was the problem with the DNS servers. After adding I got a perfect internet connection.Thank you. Best regards Andreas

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Glad to hear that it helped!

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