WiFi Startup Time RUT955

Hi, I want to use the RUT955 (or the successor) in a camper van. The WiFi is also used to integrate e.g. a rear view camera with an iPad. Therefore it is crucial that the WiFi startup time is short, so that the camera is available shortly after the engine is running (for the use case where the router is only active when the engine is running). Does anyone know how fast the WiFi is established after powering the router?

Thank you very much!

Good day, Timo

I recently ran a few tests to see how quickly WiFi becomes available on RUT955 after power is provided. The tests were done on router RUT955 with the latest firmware version (RutOS 7.4.5).

After the tests, I can say that within 1 minute 22 seconds on average the WiFi access point becomes available and the former clients can automatically connect to it.

Also, it’s very important to note that the time it takes for WiFi to be available may vary depending on the configuration and firmware of your device.

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Hi Julius, thank you very much for your reply, Best Ti.mo

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