Wi-Fi extender with Relay RUT360


i have a problem to set up a wifi extender with two RUT360’s and can find the reason. I do exactly as in your directons on wiki-teltonika…

The RUT1 (network name RUT) is working as it should - this is simple and i can connect to it.

At the RUT2 router i do join network “RUT” and put in as client mode name i give “Access_point” and firewall zone wan… Then i put the static ip and disable DHCP.

I then go to packages and install Relay, i then chose add interface Access_point and at Wireless interface i can only choose again Access_point…

What do i do wrong? Also in Wireless interface there are visible both the RUT and the name of the RUT2 wifi, shoud the RUT2 not disapear?



First of all, in RelayD configuration choose ‘lan’ as the interface, and your ‘access_point’ as the wireless interface.

If this does not help, could you please clarify the results of your configurations? Are you able to ping RUT1 from RUT2? Maybe you are unable to ping devices connected to RUT2 from RUT1?

Also, if the issue persists, could you please share screenshots of your configurations? Make sure to blur/hide any sensitive information when sharing your screenshots publicly.

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In attachment the pictures.

From RUT 1 if i ping RUT 2 i dont get any result…if i ping from RUT2 to RUT1 i get all packets…

Also its strange,shouldnt there be only 1 wifi interface at RUT2 if i join the network from RUT1?


There are 2 wifi instances in this case, one is the Access Point - You connect to RUT, and the second as the WiFi Client - RUT connects to another RUT.

First of all, ensure that Relayd is set to LAN and access_point interfaces.

Secondly, could you please clarify if you are able to access internet when connected to RUT2 via WiFi?

Also, if you cannot ping from RUT1 to RUT2, then, access the WebUI of RUT2 and navigate to Network → Firewall. Edit the WAN zone (WAN => LAN). Add LAN zone in Inter-zone forwarding to Allow forward to destination zones section.

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Ok, thanks, i will try in a couple of minutes.

Regarding the Wifi instances - i was thinkig that the both merge in one instance or i didnt understand right…so when im connected to interface RUT (RUT 1 router) when i go away from it and im near the RUT2 router it automaticly connects to the same interface…

Ok. Now i can ping RUT1 (i added as you said) it works. But can i have only 1 WI interface with the same name? As for now i have two different interfaces that i can connect to…

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