Which port is the active internet port? - RUT950

I have set up a failover link between the LAN2 port of my RUT950 and the MOB1S1 port. How does one check, which port is currently carrying the traffic?

Does this window tell me what I am wanting to know above?

Yes the above screenshot gives you the information you need.

SIM 1 is of a lower metric and is online (Traffic is through the SIM1), LAN 2 is of a lower metric and thus is on standby, it goes online only if the SIM 1 fails.
If you want the LAN2 to be the main WAN source you can drag it to the top in the same menu.
Clive Pinto

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Hello again,
I have been monitoring the behaviour of the port. Once it has successfully “failed over”, it does not return to the priority port. What conditions must I define, for it to return as before?
I have attached my currently defined rule:

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