Which cable to which connection? RUTX50

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My external antenna has seven connection cables. The four mobile connections are marked:
Does it matter which of the four ports marked “MOBILE” is connected to which?
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In theory, all antennas of the RUTX50 should be identical, so it depends on what frequency ranges are available on each connector.
However, the two outer antennas on the RUTX50 are responsible for the lower frequency bands, while the inner ones are responsible for higher frequency bands, as well as 4x4 MIMO. I’d suggest connecting the MAIN connectors to the outer two SMA plugs, however, it is worth investigating how different connections behave.

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many thanks for your response. Sure I can try, but is there really no right or wrong way? It’s kind of hard for me to explain why the connections are marked like that, but then it doesn’t matter where I connect them.
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The connector marking would make sense for a device like RUTX12 that has two modems. Each modem has a MAIN and an AUX connector. On RUTX50, since there is only one modem, it should not matter.

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Actually, on the RUTX12 the connections are really marked like that, then that’s probably how it is.

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