Weird IPs in connections and routes

Hello all,
I was having a look at the realtime traffic and at the routes table under Status, and there are lots of weird ips. The only ones i recognise are the 192.168.10.* and 192.168.20.* but, I can’t figure out what the rest of them are.
Thank you


The first image does not show any concerning signs as it is typical for multiple connections to be active simultaneously. For example, you have a communication connection with your ISP, Fastweb.

However, the entries in your ARP table might be unusual. What are the interfaces Starlink, guests, and (ztt6jrvoo6) for, and what is the general configuration for each? Have you adjusted firewall rules/settings?

Additionally, go to Status → Network → Topology and scan all networks to check for unknown connections.

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the Topology scan is completely normal. The starlink interface is the wired wan, and I was assuming that “ztt6j…” had to do with the sim modem (this is a RUTX50). Speaking of the connection table, the thing that was confusing me were the sources addresses (ex. as these do not belong to the local network.

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