WebUI access when in PASSTHROUGH / BRIDGE mode

Hi all,

When using a TRB255 in PASSTHROUGH mode so it can provide failover for basic services, I’m unable to access the WebUI.

I suspect I have 2 issues.

  1. Configuration of the TRB given the google hits in the old forum including one which was marked as solved.
  2. Router configuration. I can ping the TRB from a diagnosis feature within the router, but not from a machine attached to the LAN

(It does exactly what I want it too with a PC directly attached)



Try pinging/accessing the IP address that you see when you execute ipconfig/ifconfig on your device in LAN. Specifically, try using the default gateway IP address on the appropriate interface.

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regarding your case and 1-st issue:

  • Check out my topic from old Forum, which is available as RO - this describes issue resolved with Firewall->Port Forwarding for remote access fix after setting up Passthrough mode at RUT240, but basically I guess this will be the same case with TRB255. Hope this will help you.

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