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I am trying to connect the VPN of a RUTX11 to a AVM Fritzbox 7490 via IPSec. Following this guide/thread IPSec VPN RUTX12 with Fritz!Box 7490 - Crowd Support Forum | Teltonika Networks but with no success. Anybody out there that could help/support ?

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Could you please provide more details? What is the issue exactly?

Which device acts as a server? Does that device have a public IP address?

Could you please share the configurations from both devices? Before posting it here, make sure you hide any sensitive information, such as IP addresses, passwords, etc.

Additionally, could you please execute the following commands from the command line, hide any sensitive information from the output, and share it here? Command line instructions are available here. Make sure you use ‘root’ as the username.

  • ipsec statusall
  • logread | grep ipsec

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The FritzBox acts as the VPN Server. The struggle is, that I don’t know if my config is correct or not. When I enable VPN I would expect an error message or something in the LOG (UI) but there is nothing. Need to state, that I am not familiar with the router OS. Would the command line commands tell me if the connection has been established ? I checked but routing was still via Rutx11 LTE directly to the Internet. Could not reach the FritzBox. Would Wireguard be the easier option here ?

Will check on the command line commands during the week as the router is running in a camper van I don’t have access 24/7 :frowning:


Yes, the command will show logs and status of the IPSec instance. These can potentially provide more information about the current issues.

In the upcoming firmware releases (v7.5 if all is well), the WebUI will display IPSec status.

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