VPN with L2TP over IPsec Connected, no Ping possible

Hi There,
i have a VPN with L2TP over IPsec configured like in this tutorial:
I have a RUTX14 on the Server Side, and a RUT906 on the Remote/Client Side.
The VPN shows connected on both sides.
Then i test pinging from the Server side (RUTX14, from the WebUi - system - maintenance - troubleshoot). I can Ping the virtual IP of the Client RUT906. But i cannot ping the IP of the RUT906 or the Laptop connected to the RUT906. They are all in one Network (192.168.10.x/24)
What did i do wrong?
Thanks, Stefan


I recommend you try creating a static route on the RUTX14. You can find detailed instructions and more information about routing on our wiki page: RUTX14 Routing - Teltonika Networks Wiki.
In your case, the Interface will be VPN, the Target will be RUT906 LAN (, and the Gateway will be the virtual RUT906 IP.

Hope this helps!

Best Regards,

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