VPN WireGuard, DynDNS not updating

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I have two Teletonica modems
RUTX09 with fixed pubic IP
RUTX11 with dynamic IP via telecom operator, with the dynamic DNS service running in RUTX11.

When RUTX09 VPN WireGuard tries to connect to RUTX11 via the DNS name, there is no check if the DNS name has received a new IP, this seems to happen very rarely. The RUTX11 modem can basically have a new IP every time the modem is restarted.

My wish/question is if you use DNS in VPN WireGuard, does the DNS name have to be looked up all the time during the time you don’t have a VPN tunnel up?!

Kind regards, Jonas


This is a known issue, and is already registered to our developers. It has been discussed here:

That thread also contains a temporary fix written by the Community support forum user.
Thank you for reporting the issue!

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The updated link is here
This script handles correctly:

  • the use of pre-shared keys
  • the case where the tunnel has never been established.

The default /usr/bin/wireguard_watchdog fails on both issues above.

@Teltonika Team
Will you consider this for a future firmware update? Also for the RITX11? Thank you! :slight_smile:

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