VPN is not getting connected

Urgent!! We are facing an issue with one of our device RUT 360 where the VPN not working. Could you please assist? In VPN Hubs everything appears to be fine. We are able to see Active sessions as 2. But the VPN is not getting connected.



Would it be possible for you to provide a bit more details about what issues are you having?

Are you unable to connect via VPN application to RMS, or are you unable to access your Teltonika Router? Or Perhaps you are unable to access the device in LAN of your Teltonika router?

Has this VPN connection worked previously? If so, what has changed? Perhaps you use a different PC, or there were configuration changes on the router?

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Thanks for the reply. This setup is new, and the issue is we are unable to access the device in LAN of Teltonika router. After enabling the VPN connection. We are unable to ping the device IP from PC. From the CLI of router we can ping the device IP. This is bit confusing as we cannot understand why from the router CLI the device is reachable. Will you be able to dial and check it please?

Hello @treesa,

Could you plese share your RMS VPN hub configurations? Including ‘clients’ and ‘route’ tabs. Before you share them here publicly, make sure to hide/blur any sensitive information such as your RMS email address.

Additionally, please ensure that you PC and RUT are on different networks. For example, if both are currently on, then change one of those networks, i.e. change RUT LAN to

Lastly, navigate to Network → Firewall and try enabling masquerading on LAN => WAN zone.

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