VPN connection between my S21 Ultra Android phone and the RUT950


I would like to activate a VPN connection between my S21 Ultra Android phone and the RUT950.

The phone, by default, supports IPSec connections, but you could also activate a connection with OpenVPN using the OpenVPN Connect app.

I would appreciate support in this regard. Thank you in advance for any help.



We have a Wiki article on how to setup IPsec between a Teltonika device and an Android phone: Setting up an IPsec tunnel between RUT and Android phone - Teltonika Networks Wiki
It should be noted, that other VPN services can also be used (OpenVPN, WireGuard, etc.). However, for all of these services your RUT950 will need to have a public IP address. If this is not an option, then ZeroTier VPN can be used to setup a tunnel between two devices without a public IP address. Configuration for RUT devices can be found here: ZeroTier One VPN configuration RutOS - Teltonika Networks Wiki

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Thanks a lot, but Firmware version of my RUT950 is RUT9XX_R_00.06.09.5 and and is not aligned with the reported wiki article.

My configuration, which does not work, is as follows:

IKE version IKEv2
Type: Tunnel
Local IP address/Subnetwork mask:
On start-up: Start-up
My identifier: Local IP of my RUT950
Left firewall: selected
Authentication type: Pre-shared key
Remote IP address/Subnetwork mask:
Pass-through networks: none

Phase 1:

Encryption algorithm: AES 256
Authentication: SHA256
DH group MODP2048

Phase 2:

Encryption algorithm: AES 256
Authentication: SHA256
DH Group MODP1024

How could I solve this?
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It seems like the legacy WebUI did not contain a Remote Source IP option which is required to connect an Android phone. Is your device hardware too old for the new RutOS versions?
If so, we could try transferring the IPsec configuration file from the new RutOS to the legacy version, but that is not guaranteed to work.
However, I think the easiest option will be to download the ZeroTier package from the package manager (System → Package Manager) and configure it by following this manual: ZeroTier One VPN configuration - Teltonika Networks Wiki

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