VPN choice for fixed UK IP address

Good afternoon all.
I am tech savvy however a complete newbie with regards to my new RUTX11 and network set up.

I work remotely and I want to set my RUTX11 up so that I always have an IP address based in the UK even when I’m travelling through Europe.

Can anyone help/advise on which VPN I should steer towards and or avoid for this service and is it practical for my needs…
Using a vpn on a mobile device is easy to turn on and off and select regions based on speed etc but if I set up the VPN on the router does it self manage or will I be required to constantly check / select the IP address depending on connection speed

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this and respond .


In your case, you will need a VPN provider. While we cannot really recommend any third-party providers, we have two configuration examples for ExpressVPN and NordVPN available on our wiki here and here, respectively. During the configuration, you will need to decide on which server to use. The example will recommend choosing a server that is closest to you, as this would provide better connectivity and speeds. However, since you want your IP address to be seen as from the UK, you will want to select an appropriate server.

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Hi Andzej,
Thank you for your response.

Once I have selected the UK server and I am happy with the speed, is it likely that the following day or week that there will be a faster UK server or even that the previous server disconnects and I will need to reconfigure regularly?

I am looking for the most straight forward day to day running for work purposes and I thought adding a VPN to the router would be the best option, however maybe installing a windows based VPN on my laptop would give me easier control for connectivity…
Thank you


The configuration for your VPN connection is typically provided by your VPN service provider. They handle the specifics of how these connections work on their end. If you want to change the VPN server you’re connecting to, you’ll likely need a different configuration file from your provider.

Having a VPN configured on your router has its advantages, such as allowing all devices in your LAN network to use it immediately and making it difficult for them to disable the VPN. This setup can be very useful in various situations. However, in your case, if you have only one LAN device and you prefer a simple toggle option for turning the VPN on and off, it might be more convenient to install the VPN application directly on your PC.

Additionally, you can find a video on how to set up NordVPN on RUT here. There should also be a video for Express VPN on our channel if you are interested.

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