VLAN and RMS VPN Cofig

I need some help - happy to pay some consultancy to help me out urgently!

I have a network built of a mixture of Teletonika devices, mostly TRB140 and RUTX50. All are part of a RMS VPN. Each device has a meter attached via Ethernet, and a VM in Azure polls each machine via MODBUS. All works fine.

Now I have a couple of devices that need PLCs attached, but. they have different IP ranges from the existing meters. I have following the various tutorials and instrucitons, but cant ping these new devices. I need to create some VLANS I think, but am struggling.

Attached is a drawing of what I am trying to achieve.

Exactly what do I need to do in the TRB140 to be able to ping them from the laptop attached to the RUT956?

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In order to reach TRB140 LAN from RUT956 LAN you’ll need to:

  • Enable LAN Forwarding for TRB140;

  • Add routes to the TRB140 VLANs;

In practice, this can be achieved by navigating to RMS VPN Hubs, opening the hub in question, navigating to Routes tab, and enable LAN Forwarding for TRB140 (I’m using RUTX50 for this example):

Next up, add two routes (assuming subnets are /24):
image image
And restart the VPN Hub.
If you are still experiencing issues, log into the WebUI of TRB140, navigate to Network → Firewall → General Settings, and make sure that rms_xxx zone can forward traffic to VLAN (if it uses a different zone from LAN).
Let me know how it goes!

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