Using RUT955 as a Firewall for allowing only specific IP communications in absence of any internet


I have a LAN network working at present using an unmanaged switch, this network contains a server (IP: and a client (IP: Client sends data acquisition requests to server and in response, server hosts data requested by client. All this communication is working over OPC protocol. Since, I am using an undamaged network switch in my infrastructure, any device in 192.168.X.X subnet can act as a client and start fetching data from server. Which is a potential security breach.

As a first step to improve network security, I want to use RUT955 as a firewall so that only above mentioned two IPs can pass through RUT955 and any other unknown IP traffic is dropped.

Since I also want to access RUT955 WebUI, I want to an additional IP ( to be whitelisted in firewall so that I can connect my laptop in future for RUT955 maintenance purposes.

Can anyone provide an urgent help how I can accomplish this on RUT955? I have tried using iptables and firewall zone based traffic rules, but couldn’t achieve my required functionality. Thanks.

Hi Basit,
I doubt that’s going to work as network packets on the
same subnet (192.168.10.x in your case) do not need to
(and won’t) pass through a firewall.

You could e.g. connect your server to the WAN side and
your client(s) to a different subnet (e.g. 192.168.11.x) on
the LAN side. Then setup the respective firewall rules.

Timelapse Admin

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