Using RUT596 to segregation network


I am using an RUT596 to connect a PLC and HMI with my MES server using OPC UA.
The problem is that PLC HMI and Variable Speed Drivers and some sensors, are on the same network 192.168.10.XXX. Mes server is on 172.29.65.XXX
I want that the restrict the traffic from 192.168.10.XXX outgoing only to PLC and HMI. and restrict ingoing traffic only to PLC HMI, blocking VFDs and sensors from my Industrial Network.
Is this possible with ACL? How can I due it ?
Thanks for the help


It seems that you may need more control over the traffic. For this, I would recommend configuring Firewall traffic rules. For comprehensive guidance on how to create these rules, please refer to the detailed instructions provided in our Wiki article here.

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