Using ISP-supplied router as Teltonika's "WAN" (for firewall rules etc.)?

My ISP-provided router is a FritzBox 7530 AX. It works fine but I have a spare Teltonika RUTX12 which I would like to use as an access point to increase WiFi signal in another part of the house.

I have the two routers connected via LAN cable, and I have configured the RUTX12’s LAN interface with a static IP address with the FritzBox as the gateway.

There are some other devices plugged into the FritzBox’s other LAN ports too.

This works fine and I can access the internet and these other LAN devices via the RUTX12. However, what I can’t figure out is how to set up firewall rules so that I can restrict certain devices to internet access only (no inter-LAN communication).

Basically I want to create a “Guest WiFi” where WiFi clients can access the internet but not any other devices in the home network.

Teltonika has a guide on how to do this, but it uses the “WAN” interface in a firewall rule whereas obviously my FritzBox is connected via LAN.

Is there a way I can configure the RUTX12 to treat the FritzBox’s internet connection as the WAN, so I can restrict Guest Wifi clients to WAN only, but still let my home devices access the FritzBox’s LAN ports?

Here is what I want to achieve in diagram form:

Yes, as mentioned in the wiki guide regarding Guest Wifi, WAN interface is rule is needed. Though I can’t test it today (probably tommorow). The way I will approach your requirement is connect the RUTX12 WAN port to the LAN Port of your FritzBox. From there, I will utilize the Hotspot functionality of the RUTX12 to seperate the Guest Wifi to the LAN network of each routers.

To allow connectivity between Home WiFi device to other LAN devices, either I would use static routes, to the LAN IP of the Fritzbox or Relayd.

Hotspot - RUTX12 Hotspot - Teltonika Networks Wiki
Relayd - Relayd - Teltonika Networks Wiki


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