Using DOUT1 in FMB120 to control immobilizer relay

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I have FMB120 gps tracker and I want to control a relay via DOUT1 using the sms command “setdigout 1?”
My question is that … In the relay coil two pins (85 and 86), I will connect DOUT1 of FMB120 to the pin 85 of the relay, where should I connect the other side of the relay coil (that’s pin 86), Do I connect it to the +VDC or to the GND?

In other words, I want to know the value of the dout1 in both ON and OFF states:
When it is 12V and when it is GND and when it is idle (not connected)?


You should connect PIN 86 to VDC. Then, by activating/deactivating the DOUT of the device via the setdigout command (1/0 => GND/0), you can control the relay

In other words (default)
State 1 (high) DOUT = GND
State 0 (low) DOUT = 0 (none - open circuit)

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Thank you for your clarification.

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