User group write access


I need some help with an write access rule.

I want the user group to be able to modify the Wwan0/wwan1 interfaces but no the WAN6/WAN/LAN interfaces.

I found this “rule” that seems right but I can’t seem to find the right way to edit/create the rule:


I’ve tried to set it to:

And if I try to just leave the rule as it is (network/interfaces/general/:section) I can’t even save the config.

Would really appreciate some help on this one :slight_smile:


Currently, this is not possible. However, the service responsible for user access will be slightly changed in v7.5 firmware. Also, the interfaces will be split into LAN and WAN interfaces. This should allow you to limit user write access to WAN interfaces only (mobile, wired WAN), but not LAN.

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