Use RUT241 as backup for internet and VoIP

Hi all,

I’m trying to setting up a RUT241 between my ISP modem/router and my LAN, using it to keep internet working with SIM failover backup. The only problem is that my IP phones don’t work.

My network infrastructure is:

  1. Internet connection
  2. Aethra BG
  3. RUT241 (where I think I should put it)
  4. LAN with IP phones and PCs

Failover feature works perfectly and my IP phones are able to register both under WAN and mobile connection but:

  • they don’t ring when there are inbound calls
  • when they call outside and the receiver picks up, the IP phone doesn’t begin the conversation

I don’t know if I’m fully understanding the functioning of the RUT241. Shouldn’t I be able to keep the phones alive passing through the ISP router when in WAN and passing through RUT241 when mobile connection is active?

Thanks to everyone who could help.

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