Use geofence to switch a volt free contact

I need to change the speed mode in an electric vehicle when it transitions from one site to another.
I.e on site it runs at slow speed and once into the roads switch to high speed.
There is an input to control this.
What unit can I use to use grofencing so the transition is automatic etc ?

Hi Kevin,

Good day, You can use the Manual Geofence feature of our device where you can set the speed limit inside the zone.

We have 2 regular shapes circle and a rectangle but if you need a polygon shape you can use a special firmware that is available in our HD.

For controlling the speed inside the geofence you need to use ETC.
This is tested for a regular petrol vehicle, POC is a must to check its compatibility with EV
Please find the details here: Speed Limiting Solution FMC130+ETC - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (

Maynard C.

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