Upgrade firmware from WAN with saving config

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I have access to RUT955 (06.08.5) and TRB142 (07.02.7) only from WAN (mobile network).
There is a need to update firmware for this models routers.
Will the access settings (access to routrer from WAN) be preserved after such updating?
Will other setting be preserved?


As long as remote access is enabled, the router does not check whether the update is being performed from WAN or LAN. As long as the option to Keep Settings is enabled during an update, all settings should be preserved.
However, as the RUT955 will be updated from the legacy code base, some compatibility issues could arise. For this reason Iā€™d recommend taking the backup of the device configuration, and understanding that such a big firmware jump could result in the device becoming unreachable or other issues occuring.
As for the TRB142, no issues should be present.

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