Updating bootloader and firmware of RUT955

Hi, I have a RUT955 router which runs the latest release of the legacy firmware (RUT9XX_R_00.06.09.5).

I am looking to upgrade it to the new RutOS firmware (RUT9_R_00.07.xx.x). To do that I need to update its bootloader first (current bootloader version 3.2.5) as per the instructions in Teltonika’s documentation, “RUT9xx Firmware via The Bootloader Menu”:

Note: Using Legacy bootloader (RUT9XX_R_00.06.09.5 and lower), it is not possible to upgrade to RutOS RUT9 firmware (RUT9_R_00.07.00 and higher).

Other pages in Teltonika’s documentation, such as “Bootloader menu” and “RUT955 Device Recovery Options”, state that firmware and bootloader image files can be downloaded from this page: “RUT955 Firmware Downloads”. However, only firmware files are available on that page.

Where can I download the current bootloader for RUT955, so that I can then update its firmware? Thank you very much in advance.

Information on the router’s label:

Batch no: 092
Serial: 1108563897

Information in LuCI:

Firmware and bootloader versions


Your current bootloader version should support the latest RutOS versions. Please try updating to it using the WebUI.
If that does not work, please upload a screenshot of the error you’re receiving.

The message

only applies to the firmware installed via the bootloader, WebUI uses different validation mechanisms.

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