Update on RUTX50 as Wifi bridge


i wanted to ask about the status of this functionality (rutx50-as-wifi-to-lan-bridge) in the current RUTOS?

Hello Roland,

I believe this comes down to this question of yours that has been asked in previously:

What if the (public)wifi signal I receive requires acceptance of “general terms of use” or a login and password. Is it still possible to bridge this wifi-signal to the clients connected to my RUTX50?

Yes it is possible to bridge this by using TravelMate package, you can check out this guide, which explains how to set it up: Connecting to a Hotspot WiFi for Internet Connectivity - Teltonika Networks Wiki

Let me know if you have any other questions,

Hello Dziugas, thanks for your kind reply. The previous question was not mine, but i have same problem :slight_smile:
I will follow instructions.

Thanks and Best regards, Roland

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