Update configurations on multiple RUTX11 at once, preferrably through web portal

We have some 150+ RUTX11 devices that have a slight misconfiguration in their failover settings. I’d like to be able to push a new configuration to all devices all at once, if possible, or even groups of devices by tags.

I’d also like to be able to apply templates to them, and if the template gets updated, it pushes the configuration changes out automatically to the devices that were previously configured by that template.

Is this a functionality that’s available?


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May I know if all these 150 RUTX11 has the same configuration for all? If yes, then this can be done through our Remote Management System.

A single configuration shall be made to 1 RUTX11. Then Back Up file will be exported from this device. Using RMS, this Back Up file can be uploaded to the rest of RUTX11 as long as it is added to RMS, online, and on the same firmware version.

As of now, we don’t have this exact feature. But we do have Task Manager in RMS. Using this feature you can create custom task scenarios, that can be executed at any time and for as many devices at once. Each task group can consist of a lot of smaller tasks with different types, timeout intervals and acceptable return code configurations.

Let me know if this cleared your doubts.


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