"unknown command or invalid format"

Hello !

I am having mulitple Teltonika tracker installed at multiple vehicles. I had setting up to send and receive GPRs commands to these tracker, also i had setup how to parse the GPRs commands from binary to codec 12 as mentioned in Teltonika WIKI.

Everything working fine. If i sent GPRs commands like: getinfo, getstatus, getver so i receive the accurate Answer from that particular device. But sometime i receive this response (“unknown command or invalid format”) from any device at my portal where i see sent and receive GPRs commands. Although i won’t send any commands to these tracker but i receive the GPRs response this.

Why i receive this response ?

Is this the response of some event that happened to these devices and the response is not properly decode?

Here i attached the screenshot for clarification

Hello !

Can i get any response here? of my above concern

Hi Usman,

To fully understand the message you need to parse the RAW data coming from the device, probably you decoded the RAW data in the wrong format.

To check your raw data you need to have a TCP or UDP listener.

Best Regards,
Maynard C.

What is the correct format? I’m parsing all responses via Teltonika C# Parser which uses codec12 for Gprs commands and code 8,codec 8E etc for avl data.