Unable to reliably get location while indoors with TAT140


I am setting up a TAT140 tracker which is supposed to track valuable goods travelling inside trucks and while they are being transferred inside warehouses.

I can get GPS coordinates when outside without issues, however, the getgps command (with two spaces at the start) sometimes returns 0.000000 for both coordinates when indoors.

What can I do to improve the reliability of the tracker when indoors? I believe that the TAT140 could use GSM triangulation, is that correct and if so, how can I enable it?

Thanks for any pointers

Hi, I have similar issue. TAT 100 can’t get any coordinates when is even close to the window inside. For me, this tracker is useless when is not outside.

Hi @ArcticArrow,

Good day! TAT100 has the option to either use GNSS or LBS as a Location source, which could be useful if you are unable to get the GPS coordinates.

LBS - location based services. It helps us to find the approximate location without using a GNSS, but using cell towers information instead. Device cannot find the location using LBS by itself, approximate location is calculated on the server side according to the information provided by the device. Therefore, to locate a unit by LBS the device should send at least 4 parameters: mcc, mnc, lac, cell ID.

For more information you may refer on this link: TAT100 System settings - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,
Patrick S.

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