Unable to reach RUT240 via MOB1S1A1


RUT240, Firmware RUT2_R_00.07.05

  • I can’t ping the router from my PC via MOB1S1A1 by using the IP Address shown in MOB1S1A1
  • I can’t access the WebUI of the router

I can, however, access the router WebUI via RMS

System/ Administration/ Access Control: remote HTTP access is enabled

Help would really be appreciated


Could you please share the first two octets of the IP address assigned to the mob1s1a1 interface?

Additionally, I’d like to understand how you are attempting to access the RUT241’s WebUI. Are you connecting remotely via the internet, or are you accessing it from a device that is directly connected to the RUT241’s local network using the IP address of the mobile interface?

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First two octets: 10.42.

I am try to connect to the router remotely from the internet via MOB1S1A1.

WebUI is working directly on the LAN with or remotely with RMS over MOB1S1A1.

Forgot to metion the Ping settings
Netwotk / Firewall / Traffic Rules:
From any host in wan
To IP this deviceAccept input
(I was not able to upload the schreenshot)


Your IP address is private and thus, you will not be able to reach your device over the Internet. To reach the device, you will need to etiher have a public IP address on your mobile interface, or use VPNs. For public IP address, you can contact your ISP to see if they can provide you with a public IP. They may give you a specific APN for that. If they do, you can configure custom APN on RUT240 in Network → WAN → Edit mob1s1a1 → disable Auto-APN and enter your custom APN.

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I have never imagined, that the ISP would provide me with a private IP address.
Thank you very much for the quick answers.

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