Unable to enable "Use Parent Credits" with RMS

On my latest 2 second level companies I am unable to turn on “USE PARENT CREDITS”. The toggle reacts accordingly and the webpage flashes the “company updated successfully” message when clicked, but when you refresh the page, the option is back to disabled.

One of those companies now shows "service is disabled’ as the starter credit has since expired, and we are not able to resume service as we get the “no available credit” error.

The first level company has plenty of available credits.

Another administrative user of our RMS account added these 2 companies and was able to toggle the “use parent option” successfully. After that, the user was also able to resume service on the device that had since been disabled.

Why can some users toggle the setting while others can not, even though all users are administrators of the parent company/main RMS account??

Please advise.


The issue sounds like it could be related to your browser. Could you try performing the same action on a different browser or using a private/incognito mode and check if the behavior is still present?

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I will try the next time we add a second level company.

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