Unable to compile SDK for 906. miniupnpd repo offline

i tried to make on the 906 firmware and it fails on making miniupnpd
make[3] -C package/network/services/miniupnpd compile
ERROR: package/network/services/miniupnpd failed to build.
i did try V=s and it looks like it is trying to download from their repo but it times out. looks like the miniupnpd repo is offline. do you have an alternate way to to compile this?


Apologies for a delayed response.
I have sent you a form to fill out to the email address used when registering on the community forum. Please fill it out and we will get in touch with you privately, as this issue will likely require additional compilation logs to be shared that won’t fit in a single comment.
When filling out the form, please use ticket ID as 6028.

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