Unable to access RUT955 after initial login

I’ve recently restarted using my RUT955 after not using it for a year or so.

I did a reset as I had forgotten the password, and was immediately able to log on. I was also able to access it via ssh.

Unfortunately after leaving it for a few hours, my access was terminated, presumably through a timeout. Subsequently I am unable to login. My only option appears to be to do a reset.

I can’t even ping the system. I get ‘No route to host’, even the I am directly connected via cable.

Any ideas on what to try, and is it possible to change the timeout?


Hard to say what could have happened here, but the way timeout works in RutOS, is that after ~300 seconds of inactivity you will be logged out and brought back to the login screen. The device will still be reachable and you can re-login, so it seems like another issue is at play here.
Since a factory reset was performed on the device, I assume not much configuration was done on the device. In this case, I’d suggest trying to perform a bootloader recovery procedure described here:
Keep in mind, that if your device shows an error after trying to upload the latest available firmware, you may need to install the latest legacy firmware (RUT9XX_R_00.06.09.5_WEBUI) and then update to the latest version using the WebUI of the legacy firmware.
If that does not help, could you clarify if the issue is only present when using an Ethernet cable, or does the same happen when using WiFi?

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Thanks for your advice.

Can I do these actions from a command prompt?

At the moment I’m not going to enable wifi until I have this working properly.

Initially when I logged on I ran

opkg update

uname -a tells me

Linux RUT955 5.4.259

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